Instructions + How to Use

How to Use

Skin Tight Razor Bump Ointment can be used before and after hair removal to prevent and eliminate razor bumps, razor burn, and in-grown hair caused by shaving, waxing, laser hair removal, etc. Wet the desired area with warm water before any hair removal process and follow our simple steps to achieving satinly smooth skin.


Use Skin Tight Clearing Cleanser twice daily, preferably night and day. Treats head, neck, face and body. Skin Tight Clearing Cleanser is formulated with aloe vera and tea tree oil which leave the skin soft and visibly healthy while leaving a fresh scent.


Choose from Skin Tight Razor Bump Ointment or Skin Tight In-grown Hair Crème to restore your damaged skin and obtain its natural healthy glow. Skin Tights unique properties will smooth out even the most severe cases of razor bumps, razor burn, in-grown hairs, acne and even keloids. When using the original Skin Tight Razor Bump Ointment apply with a cotton ball/pad, or try new Skin Tight Roll-On. With Skin Tight Roll-On you get the same great product but the added ease of the perfect application. Also comes in travel size which is great for on the go.


Skin Tight Moisturizers are the last step to achieving the best looking skin possible. Use twice daily. For best results alternate our four Moisturizers. Skin Tight offers Shea Butter Moisturizer to nourish and revitalize; Cocoa Butter Moisturizer to heal soften and protect dry skin as well as even out the skin tone; Vitamin A&E Night Crème to remove free radicals and diminish the appearance of spots; and Mixed Fruit Night Crème to help eliminate fine lines and premature skin aging. Skin Tight will leave you with Beauty That is Skin Deep!.

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For more information about our products and where to obtain the Skin Tight Skin Care System, please contact our friendly customer service.




Due to the alcohol content of Skin Tight Liquid, sensitivity reactions can occur. We recommend testing a small area of skin for 5 minutes before using Skin Tight Liquid on extensive areas.

Always apply Skin Tight Liquid to DRY SKIN only!

Test a small area before hair removal.

Test a small area again after hair removal.

Allow the product to remain on the skin. If there is no reaction in 5 minutes, you should have no problems with the product.



For those with "razor bumps" (PFB): Use Skin Tight Liquid once per day at first. Make sure skin is dry prior to application. After the first 48hrs, if you notice that your skin is reacting well to the product, you may then begin using both morning and night and after shaving or any hair removal process.

We strongly advise using a fresh sharp razor, be it single or double edge, and replacing it after one or two shaves. Clippers can be used, however you will not get as smooth a shave. Applying before shaving will decrease the burning and itching associated with PFB. To avoid eye irritation, do not "splash" on to face! We recommend applying the Skin Tight Liquid with a cotton ball.

For men who have unsightly razor burn on their necks, or redness from wearing a tie, applying Skin Tight Liquid after shaving should clear the skin, usually in a matter of hours. Daily use will help reduce the appearance of redness.



For Ingrown Hairs: Applying Skin Tight Liquid to existing ingrown hairs will help reduce the appearance of many of them in 24 to 48 hours. Tweezing is not needed or advised as resulting skin damage can increase the formation of ingrown hairs.

For use with Electrolysis: Applying before electrolysis will help protect the skin during the procedure. Applying after electrolysis will calm the skin and reduce the red appearance within minutes. Apply several times weekly to determine your individual maintenance level.

For use with Waxing: Applying Skin Tight Liquid before waxing will ease the wax pull while loosening the hairs. Apply after waxing to reduce redness within minutes, and the next day you should have minimal post-wax skin bumps.

Method Of Application: Skin Tight Liquid may be applied with a cotton ball.

Make sure skin is dry prior to application. Rinse hands after use. The product may be rubbed on thus acting as a cleanser. It also acts as an astringent for oily skin. To avoid irritation to the eyes, do not "splash" on when applying to facial area.

Please review Cautions prior to use.

Skin Tight products are made with only the finest available ingredients



ASPIRIN ALLERGY : Do not use Skin Tight Liquid if you have a TRUE allergy. Symptoms of true allergy include itching, hives, redness, difficulty breathing..
· PREGNANCY & BREAST FEEDING: Skin Tight Liquid has not been tested on pregnant women, therefore we advise that pregnant women avoid use of this product without first consulting with their physician.
· INGESTION: Do not ingest Skin Tight Products.
· EYES: Do not get Skin Tight Liquid in eyes. Severe stinging will occur. Flush with lots of running water.
a. The first time you use Skin Tight Liquid BEFORE any hair removal procedure, test a small area of the skin for five minutes.
b. Repeat this test AGAIN after waxing, shaving, epilating, laser hair removal or electrolysis. You should perform a test patch on a small area of skin that has just undergone hair removal. Wait five minutes to insure that no adverse reaction occurs. Reactions may be in response to multiple product interactions, wax that is too warm, or poor hair removal technique that damages the skin.
c. NOTE: If you have skin sensitivities to other products, please test a small area for 15-20 minutes before using extensively.
· LOOFAH PADS: We recommend that Skin Tight Liquid not be used on skin within 48 hours after scrubbing with Loofah pads or Buff Puffs,. Using all of these together may cause burning of the skin and increased ingrown hair formation.
· USE WITH EXFOLIANTS: Do not use Skin Tight Liquid within one month (or until you are advised by your doctor after having an exfoliant treatment(AHA's, Glycolic's, Accutane) in a salon or doctor’s office. The combination of agents can lead to chemical burning of the skin.
· TWEEZING: Tweezing damages the skin and makes ingrown hair problems worse, Tease the hairs out from under the skin and remove them conventionally by shaving, waxing or electrolysis.


· WET SKIN: Skin Tight Liquid should only be applied to dry skin. Wet skin may cause the product to sting.

· FACIAL APPLICATION: Apply Skin Tight Liquid after facial hair removal in a very thin layer. The entire face can be done using one end of cotton tipped applicator wetted only once with Skin Tight Liquid.

· CHIN HAIR PROBLEMS: We recommend that chin hairs (or any hairs) NOT be tweezed. This usually makes the problem of ingrown hairs in this area worse. We advise seeking electrolysis for permanent hair removal. Tweezing can cause scarring and infection. Do not use Skin Tight Liquid immediately after tweezing chin hair as it may temporarily aggravate the irritation.


· DYE REMOVAL: Skin Tight Liquid can remove dye from clothing and carpeting. Keep away from color sensitive materials!

· WOODWORK AND LEATHER: Do not spill Skin Tight Liquid on wooden furniture or leather goods. Skin Tight Liquid will dissolve most wood finishes, and will leach dye from leather. Both the woodwork and the leather will need replacing.


If you notice that your Skin Tight Liquid is changing to a golden brown color, It is normal.