ASPIRIN ALLERGY : Do not use Skin Tight Liquid if you have a TRUE allergy. Symptoms of true allergy include itching, hives, redness, difficulty breathing..
· PREGNANCY & BREAST FEEDING: Skin Tight Liquid has not been tested on pregnant women, therefore we advise that pregnant women avoid use of this product without first consulting with their physician.
· INGESTION: Do not ingest Skin Tight Products.
· EYES: Do not get Skin Tight Liquid in eyes. Severe stinging will occur. Flush with lots of running water.
a. The first time you use Skin Tight Liquid BEFORE any hair removal procedure, test a small area of the skin for five minutes.
b. Repeat this test AGAIN after waxing, shaving, epilating, laser hair removal or electrolysis. You should perform a test patch on a small area of skin that has just undergone hair removal. Wait five minutes to insure that no adverse reaction occurs. Reactions may be in response to multiple product interactions, wax that is too warm, or poor hair removal technique that damages the skin.
c. NOTE: If you have skin sensitivities to other products, please test a small area for 15-20 minutes before using extensively.
· LOOFAH PADS: We recommend that Skin Tight Liquid not be used on skin within 48 hours after scrubbing with Loofah pads or Buff Puffs,. Using all of these together may cause burning of the skin and increased ingrown hair formation.
· USE WITH EXFOLIANTS: Do not use Skin Tight Liquid within one month (or until you are advised by your doctor after having an exfoliant treatment(AHA's, Glycolic's, Accutane) in a salon or doctor’s office. The combination of agents can lead to chemical burning of the skin.
· TWEEZING: Tweezing damages the skin and makes ingrown hair problems worse, Tease the hairs out from under the skin and remove them conventionally by shaving, waxing or electrolysis.


· WET SKIN: Skin Tight Liquid should only be applied to dry skin. Wet skin may cause the product to sting.
· FACIAL APPLICATION: Apply Skin Tight Liquid after facial hair removal in a very thin layer. The entire face can be done using one end of cotton tipped applicator wetted only once with Skin Tight Liquid.
· CHIN HAIR PROBLEMS: We recommend that chin hairs (or any hairs) NOT be tweezed. This usually makes the problem of ingrown hairs in this area worse. We advise seeking electrolysis for permanent hair removal. Tweezing can cause scarring and infection. Do not use Skin Tight Liquid immediately after tweezing chin hair as it may temporarily aggravate the irritation.


· DYE REMOVAL: Skin Tight Liquid can remove dye from clothing and carpeting. Keep away from color sensitive materials!
· WOODWORK AND LEATHER: Do not spill Skin Tight Liquid on wooden furniture or leather goods. Skin Tight Liquid will dissolve most wood finishes, and will leach dye from leather. Both the woodwork and the leather will need replacing.


If you notice that your Skin Tight Liquid is changing to a golden brown color, It is normal.