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Beautiful Skin.

As one of the internationally leading companies Skin Tight stands for innovative and high-quality products. We celebrate your skin without compromise & we put our very best into our products. We equate health with beauty.

The Skin Tight product line is your top choice to help clean, clear, smooth, soften and tone the skin. The Skin Tight skin care system was specifically developed to help eliminate and prevent in-grown hairs, razor bumps, razor burn, acne and keloids while promoting beautiful healthy skin.


4.0 out of 5 stars For smooth baby soft skin. I heard about this product from a barber in my hometown in Arkansas. I was having a real problem with razor bumps. The thing is that I had acne all through high school, until my senior year it was starting to clear up and then I joined the Army and began shaving regularly. Here I go again. Tried all kinds of bump fighter products, razors, shave creams etc. Nothing worked! I ran into this barbershop and he hooked me up with a straight razor shave and samples of the extra strength skin tight. Of course I had to have a mild surgery to remove embedded hairs, shave and then treat with skin tight. It nearly worked over night. I noticed a big difference after 5 days of twice a day treatment. It can be tedious, but leaves my face smooth and bumpless! .

I got the moisturizer that I use periodically for dryness and peeling, but it works! You have razor bumps, use this stuff to clear it up.

- By Eric J. Edwards "Sergeant Noitall"

5.0 out of 5 stars THIS STUFF REALLY WORKS! I am an African American female, who loves Brazilian waxes. I started using this product after my first wax, which hurt like hell. Well,after i started using this product and went back for my second wax it was a breeze. This product is amazing. While she is waxing me, i read a book, because there is very little pain. If you have a problem with in-grown hair, this is the answer to your problems.

- By Yvette (Virginia)

This product does exactly what it says it will. If you use it on a regular basis you will not experience razor bumps again. Very satisfied.

- By Katherine D. Orvis


The only thing that's worked!! After 48 years on the planet and a 13 year stint in the military where shaving was mandatory I could find NOTHING to stop the bumps when I shaved. I wasn't able to find a solution before I left the military, but I finally did find a solution in the product Skin Tight, it works like a dream and now I can let my hair grow or have a close shave without worrying about PAIN, my days of pain when I shave are over thanks to Skin Tight, I use it everyday even when I don't shave and the stuff just works for me.

- By Paul Barnes